Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
About Us

I'm so glad you found our site! We're Tom (that's me!) and Holly Fuller. That's us above catching a little frost bite in November. Photo credit goes to our friends at Hoffer Photography. We met, fell in love, got married and are living happily ever after. Somewhere along the line we fell in love with wedding photography. I think it was when we actually got married ourselves that we realized how fun, special, and absolutely amazing wedding photography can be. In 2015 we welcomed our second child in to the world. Since then I have been the main photographer and Holly helps behind the scenes of the business. Occasionally we'll get the band back together and Holly will come out and shoot with me. 

I love capturing those moments that happen so quickly, but will leave such a big impact on the newlywed couple and their families. I remember how fast your wedding day will fly by and we want to not only document every beautiful detail, but I want to do it creatively, so that you will have beautiful pieces of art to display throughout your home. (Seriously, print your images, they're not doing you any good hidden in your computer.)

I love my job. I have met some of the funniest, coolest, most creative and down to earth people. I've gone to breathtaking locations, heard beautiful love stories, laughed until it hurt, and always gone home with a smile. I love being a part of people's wedding days and I'm so very thankful for the trust that they put in me and my creativity. I am constantly striving to better myself and my business, to push myself and try new things. We look forward to all the things the future holds for us, and we would love if you were a part of it too!