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professional photography

Professional Photography

Why should you choose professional photography when you're planning your wedding day? If you're recently engaged you're probably in planning mode. I'm sure you have thought about your professional photography but weren't sure if it's right for your wedding. You may have thought about using a friend or finding another way to beat out the price and I completely understand the need to keep your budget in mind.

When you hire a professional for your wedding photography your making a decision to have those lasting wedding images that you'll absolutely love and want to post on Facebook, frame or put in to an album. After the lights go up and the cake is all gone there's one thing that will last forever, your wedding images. It's the one thing from your wedding day that stands the test of time. Your wedding day will go by so quickly but with the help of an amazing photographer you'll have stunning images to vividly relive your wedding day for years to come.

In your search you want to find a photographer that has the style that you both really enjoy and the personality that you want to be around. The photographer is the one vendor that you'll be stuck with the entire day so it's important that you like being around that person.

I believe a creative eye and ability to solve problems is a huge import aspect, too. In this image the groom was in a really small and cluttered hotel room. It took a certain composition and lighting to highlight what's important and get rid of what's not. You want a photographer that can solve all of these problems on your wedding day so you don't have to worry about it and your goal is just to have an amazing day! If you would like more information on hiring professional photography for your wedding day please feel free to reach out. 

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.