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Amber and Dave were married last weekend and brought with them a great group of friends, family and perfect wedding-day weather! We started our adventure with these two in Phoenixville at the place where Dave grew up. Then we headed to the Double Tree Hotel to capture the beautiful Amber getting ready where there happened to be a impromptu sing-a-long to “Going to the Chapel” (which was insanely good, might I add)! We rounded up our portraits at the ever-picturesque Valley Forge Park which was so much fun with this group!. It’s always fun to photograph a wedding party when they’re all for the “party” part of that title! Here are a few of our favorites from their perfect day.

Wedding Venue – The Double Tree, King of Prussia (the staff here is amazing!)

Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-1 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-3 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-4 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-19 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-5 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-6 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-8 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-10 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-1-3
Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-14 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-15 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-16 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-12 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-13 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-18 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-20 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-25 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-23 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-1-2 Fuller_Photography_DoubleTree_King_Of_Prussia-26

Leave Amber + Dave some love below while they’re on their honeymoon!

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