Weddings are always filled with emotion and that’s why I absolutely love my job. Steph and John’s wedding was no exception. Their Fall Penn Oaks wedding was full of amazing smiles, a few tears of joy and a ton of laughs! I knew it was going to be a great time because when I did their engagement session we didn’t stop laughing and chatting the entire time. It’s absolutely crazy how fast a year has gone by since their engagement photos but the good times didn’t skip a beat. Sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from their wedding day. Don’t forget to leave John and Steph a message below, they’re going to need warm thoughts now that they’re back to the cold northeast from warm and sunny Jamaica!

Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0001 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0002 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0004 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0005 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0006 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0007 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0008 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0009 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0011 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0012 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0013 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0014 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0015 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0003 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0017 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0018 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0019 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0020 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0022 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0027 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0023 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0024 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0025 Fall Penn Oaks Wedding Fall Penn Oaks Wedding Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0030 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0032 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0034 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0035 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0036 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0040 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0041 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0042 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0043 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0044 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0045 Penn_Oaks_Fall_Wedding-0046 Fall Penn Oaks Wedding

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