Media Pennsylvania Engagement Photos
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Media Pennsylvania Engagement Photos

Media Pennsylvania Engagement Photos

Going through the streets of Media Pennsylvania for engagement photos is almost too easy. We met this couple at their home in Brookhaven and hopped in their car for a short trip up to Philadelphia. They wanted a few engagement portraits inside Philadelphia so we stopped by their favorite restaurant then their friends rooftop townhouse. Afterwards we headed to Media Pennsylvania to finish up their engagement session. They're getting married at the Springfield Country Club so they wanted to keep everything local to their Delaware County home. 

When we arrived on State Street in Media it was starting to get a little dark and it was pretty packed with people and cars. We strolled up State Street taking a few photos along the way. We made it up to Veterans Square and turned back toward the Media Theater the couple wanted an image or two in front of the theater marquee. 

It was a game luck because if you know media and the Media Theater than you know it's almost impossible to get a clear shot from across the street void of cars and people. I guess the stars aligned because just as we arrived it was perfect! 

The couple was easy to work with and popped on over in front of the theater doors and, with very little instruction, started interacting in the perfect way. We finished up their engagement session and went back in to Media for dinner.  

Location: 104 E State St Media PA 19063.