North East River Yacht Club Wedding Photographer

North East River Yacht Club Wedding Photographer

North East River Yacht Club Wedding Photographer

If you want an AMAZING view, gorgeous sunsets and a unique venue then you need to consider the North East River Yacht club. This is such a great wedding venue and it's just south of North East Maryland. This was my first time here and I arrived at Oxana and Andrew's wedding venue and was instantly thrilled to be able to create some images for them. 

They had their ceremony on a hilltop overlooking a stunning river view. Normally brides come through a door and walk down a isle but for this wedding Oxana pulled up in a boat just after cruising up the North East River. She got off the boat and made a beautiful walk down the pier toward the Yacht Club. 

On top of the hillside they grabbed hands and shared their vows in front of all of their friends and family. After the ceremony we strolled around the yacht club for the bridal party photos and the portraits of the bride and groom. 

Just about the time dinner was being served by the catering crew I saw the sun doing amazing things through the panoramic views inside the ballroom. The bride and groom trusted me and were easily persuaded to drop the steak and go for a photo! We went back to the pier and created this image. You should see their night portrait!

More information on the North East Yacht Club: Phone: (410) 287-6333

Location: 80 Bayside Drive North East, MD 21901.