Top 5 Reason for Huntington Valley Country Club Wedding
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Top 5 Reason for Huntington Valley Country Club Wedding

Top 5 Reasons You Should Have a Huntingdon Valley Country Club Wedding

    Huntingdon Valley Country Club is a beautiful wedding venue in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. This beautiful country club is about 7 miles north east of Philadelphia. Huntingdon Valley Country Club believes that every wedding is a special event. They have a mission to provide the couples with a dedicated Wedding Day experience with services that will enable you to enjoy the happiness of your new beginning. You can exchange your vows outside in our perfectly landscaped Courtyard or, if you like or the rain starts coming down, inside our European-styled Ballroom. HVCC staff focuses their day fully on their wedding couples. I've photographed many weddings at this country club and from a photographers perspective here are my Top 5 Reasons why you should have a Huntingdon Valley Country Club Wedding:

    1. When you arrived at Huntingdon Valley Country Club you'll immediately feel welcomed. They have a beautiful bridal suite that was recently renovated. It's extremely spacious so having your hair and makeup done there isn't a problem at all. It can make life easier if you don't want to travel all over on your wedding day.
    2. There's even space for the guys! The HVCC has a section for the guys to get ready and for the guys to lounge and have a great time while they anxiously await the start of the day. 
    3. They have ceremony options! The courtyard is absolutely a beautiful place to exchange vows. But if it happens to rain or you want something inside their gorgeous ballroom is an amazing option for your wedding ceremony. Some venues make you sacrifice looks for a rain option but not HVCC. Both are equally amazing options for your ceremony.
    4. Portrait locations galore! You can easily get all of your portraits done within walking distance of the building if you wanted to. The grounds surrounding the club's mansion are beautifully landscaped with amazing variety in textures, options and looks. You can easily go from a wooded look of a park to the stone structures of a castle. The back of the mansion has stunning views that seem to go on for miles. You will not be short on portrait locations and ideas with this venue.
    5.  The reception location is perfect. It provides the outside patio area for cocktail hour and an extraordinary ballroom to party the night away with your closest friends and family. Don't forget to sneak away at night for a night time portrait because the venue is just as pretty at night!

     Huntingdon Valley Country Club weddings are one of my favorites to photograph for many reasons. If you'd like to see more images from Huntingdon Valley Country Club weddings please feel free to contact me because I would be more than happy to share them. If you'd like to chat about your wedding day photography Click Here to contact Fuller Photography. 

    For more information on HVCC weddings contact General Manager Ryan Ronan at or (215) 657-1610 Ext.138. 

    Location: 2295 Country Club Drive Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006.