Whitemarsh Valley Country Club Wedding

Whitemarsh Valley Country Club Wedding

Whitemarsh Valley Country Club Wedding

This was one of those fall weddings at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club that you just don't forget. Chris and Cara started the day off getting ready at their houses then headed over to St Davids Church in Willow Grove PA. After the ceremony we stopped by the amazing Fairmont Park for a few portraits. 

We arrived back at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club and that's really where the party just kicked off. The ballroom at this Country Club is simply perfect for weddings. It has a large dance floor and that's exactly what this wedding party and their guests needed! Cara's family owned and operated a dance studio for many years so these guests had dancing on their minds. This wedding included an outstanding flash mob dance routine that was picture perfect but before that all went down there was the first dance.

This photo is of Chris and Cara's truly emotional first dance. As they were dancing Cara became overwhelmed with joy that she began to cry and simply clung on to Chris with an emotional hung. Just as she hugged him a single tear ran down her cheek and it was just enough for me to catch that absolutely stunning wedding moment. This is exactly why I love weddings. They're filled with these moments and it could've be any more of a blessing to be able to capture them artistically for my couples. 

Website: www.whitemarshvalleycc.com

Location: 815 Thomas Road, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 19444.