Ridley Creek State Park Engagement Photos

A Ridley Creek State Park engagement session was requested by Tamika and Sherman and we gladly packed up and met them for a laugh filled stroll through Ridley Creek State Park. If you’ve never had one, our engagement sessions are ridiculously relaxed. We basically just stroll around, talk and occasionally interrupted the stroll for a photo. These two made the whole process even more enjoyable with all the smiles and laughs (as you’ll see below). We’re pretty big fans of Ridley Creek when there aren’t a million bugs swarming in to your mouth every time you open it. Especially at this session because we found ourselves laughing a lot. I’ll take a million leaves over a million bugs any day! Here are our favorites from their fall engagement session! Don’t forget to leave Tamika and Sherman a message below.

Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement Ridley Creek State Park Engagement Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement-2 Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement-5 Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement-3

Ridley Creek State Park Engagement
Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement-8 Ridley-Creek-State-Park-Engagement-6 Ridley Creek State Park Engagement Ridley Creek State Park Engagement