Should You Do A First Look

Should you consider a first look for your Pennsylvania wedding. In short... Probably!

There are a lot of Pros and some cons to having a first look. I’ll try to lay them out here and give my opinion. Ultimately its your wedding day, do what makes you both happy!


A Few Thoughts On the Pros Of A First Look

I’ve found that couples who do the first look have a great reduction in nervousness and stress after their first look. You get to now hang out with your best friend! For some, that alone is enough to do a first look. Also this is a private moment between you both and can be a beautiful and emotional moment. It doesn’t take away from the aisle moment, it just adds another amazing moment to your wedding day. 

Your wedding is the most expensive party you’ll ever throw. Why not be there for it! If you do a first look you get set the pace of the day. You can get all the photos you want and be with friends and family during the entire day including the cocktail hour. The day does go by super fast so this extends it a little more and you get to relax with your soon to be spouse and wedding party.



A Few Thoughts On the Cons Of A First Look

Your wedding day will have to begin earlier. With hair and make up needing to be done that could be difficult to do if you have a large wedding party. If it’s a super windy day you’ll probably have to do your first look inside if you don’t have someone on hand to help with touch ups. Speaking of wedding party, they will have to get ready earlier and be okay with hanging out. This could be a Pro if you want to have more time with your soon to be spouse and party! It can extend the party!

Not all the time but sometimes the dress could get a little dirty. This mostly happens on the bottom where no one can really see. If you’re doing photos outside in a park setting with a lot of grass there’s a chance it could happen. If it rained recently then there’s most likely getting something on the dress. 

Family & First Looks

The options are endless. Some people want a private first look. Others involve their families. I enjoy photographing the private moments but seeing the friends and family watch can be just as great.

 I also love seeing the first look with the parents, too! That may be the parent in me talking but when parents see their kids for the first time in their wedding attire it’s a beautiful moment. 

Need Help Crafting That Perfect Wedding Day Timeline?

Every couple that books with us over here at Fuller Photography gets a pre-wedding consultation. We’ll sit down with you and help craft the perfect timeline for your wedding day. Whether you’re doing a first look or not we’ll work with you to make a timeline that helps your wedding day flow, get the photos that you want and help reduce the stress and allow you to truly enjoy your wedding day. If you want to see a rough draft timeline of a wedding day with a first look and without a first look clink the link below. 

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