Terrain Wedding Glen Mills PA

This was our first Terrain Wedding in Glenn Mills PA. To keep that theme going this was the first wedding where we didn’t meet the couple for getting ready photos either. So it was a lot of new for us but it was a PERFECT wedding day. Spandana + Derrick were one of the easiest couples to work with. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Derrick before Spandana arrived for their first look. He told us how they met at a science convention a while back and Derrick said that Spandana just stood out in the crowd. Said how beautiful she was and he knew he had to go talk to her! The funny part is how he approached her. Being at a science convention he’s no doubt a smart man so what’s he do, waits till he has a captive audience on the elevator! He opened the conversation off with a quick question, “Do you have a bed in your hotel room?” Yup, that’s his ice breaker and it worked! He had a murphy bed in his bedroom and didn’t realize there wasn’t a normal bed in his room, so he posed the question knowing that it’ll get a good response. See, he’s a genius! They had a long distance relationship for a little while until they finally moved close together and here we are today, at Terrain in Glenn Mills for their beautiful summer wedding day.
This venue was just fantastic! Everything from the staff (Sara Doughty thank you!) to the decor gave this wedding a real intimate and cozy feeling. And then they topped it off with a fire pit with S’mores! Hopefully we’ll return to Terrain soon! Now back to the fun stuff, here are a few of our favorites from their wedding day. Make sure to leave Spandana and Derrick a message below!

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Terrain Wedding Glen Mills

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