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Headshot of lead photographer Tom Fuller of Fuller Photography

Tom Fuller

Lead Photographer

I think every photographer has a knack for a specific kind of thing. Our knack is creating and taking photos that actually look and feel like you. You know what I’m talking about, right? You’ve seen those wedding photos where everyone looks like a scared, overly-posed statue. I can’t stand that. Your special day is full of life and love and your photos should capture as much of your emotion and personality as possible. Because of that, sometimes we do things a little outside of the “typical wedding photographer box” – and our clients love it!

We do our best to make sure your day is not just stress-free, but FUN. After all, that’s what tying the knot with your perfect match should be all about, right? With so many choices to make and little decisions to agonize over, a helping hand from your friendly photographer goes a long way.

We understand not everyone feels relaxed in front of the camera. By keeping things casual and easygoing, we can capture natural pictures that will stay with you for a lifetime, no matter how uncomfortable someone feels. It’s all about making you and your loved ones feel you can just be yourselves while we do what we need to do in the background. That’s how we capture those little smiles and looks that you’ll treasure forever.

With our personal approach, the stress of being the center of attention will melt in the first minute; giving you the rest of the day to have the time of your life. Couples who work with us are always surprised at how easy and relaxed this part of the big day was for them.

In short, if you want gorgeous photos that truly reflect who you are in a stress-free environment, well, you’re in the right place.


Assistant/Lighting Ninja

Colin assists with all aspects of your wedding day to help keep the day flowing and fun.

Headshot of second photographer Paul Andris



Paul's eye for capturing the candid moments going on around you make for memorable images that last a lifetime.

Headshot of Album Designer Leah


Album Designer

Leah works together with our couples to design absolutely beautiful wedding albums. Her amazing eye for detail and fun personality make the album design process a great time for the couples.

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