Graeme Park Wedding Venue Horsham PA


Larissa + Josh chose the Graeme Park Wedding venue and the second I stepped foot onto the property I completely understood why. Two amazing people need an amazing wedding venue, right?! If you’re unfamiliar with Graeme Park its a 42 acre historic park located in Horsham PA. Larissa and Josh had an outdoor ceremony next to the mansion that is “the only surviving residence of a Colonial Pennsylvania Governor.” How often do you get to say that about your wedding venue?! Right when Larissa started coming down the isle the rain felt like it was a good time to fall from the sky. As you’ll see in a moment, that didn’t even phase these two. The smiles and laughter went on throughout the night! Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding. Make sure to leave them a message below!

Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue1 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue2 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue3 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue20 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue4 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue5 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue22 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue19 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue6 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue7 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue8 Graeme Park Wedding Venue Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue10 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue11 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue14 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue12 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue15 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue13 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue16 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue21 Graeme_Park_Wedding_Venue17 Graeme Park Wedding Venue

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