The Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Wedding – Lisa and Vince

Lisa and Vince’s Intimate Wedding 

By now, most wedding photographers have come across couples who have had to change their wedding plans due to the COVID pandemic. While some chose to wait for a different day, others got married in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by a few of their immediate family, with the rest of their loved ones attending through a live streaming link! And my couple, Lisa and Vince, fall into the latter category. Here’s a little preview of their Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Wedding.

Meet the couple – Lisa and Vince

In today’s world, true love really is just one click away. Lisa and Vince met online and went to the Homegrown cafe on their first date. And the rest, as the photos show, is history. While some couples like to indulge in different sports together or visit new countries, these two went a different route and joined a country-rock band! The two love watching movies together and enjoy movie night but disagree on the ethics of looking up the ending. 

Lisa and Vince’s Intimate Wedding

The wedding was an elegant and intimate affair with a few closest people to the couple in attendance. Since Lisa and Vince wanted to ensure everyone’s safety, they streamed their wedding so that their family and friends who couldn’t attend could also be a part of it. The bride and groom even had a joke about the benefit of having guests join in through their phones or computers. “Nobody can object because they will all be muted on Zoom!”

Wedding Details

Lisa bought three different wedding dresses before settling on one but admitted that she’s thankful for the existence of eBay! All of that effort totally paid off because she looked breathtaking in her wedding. The groom also looked incredibly handsome in his blue suit with his long hair neatly tucked into a bun. The couple held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s eyes as they said I do. It was honestly such a charming wedding, and I can’t imagine a better venue for it than The Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Wedding. Their adorable dog, Clark, who knows how to perform over 30 tricks (courtesy of Lisa), was the ring bearer. Needless to say, he did an awesome job! No retakes needed.

It still blows me away how, despite the restrictions on weddings due to the pandemic, couples manage to come up with such unique ways to tie the knot. And I am honored that I get to see these magical moments unfold right in front of my eyes. It’s always an honor to be a part of people’s special days, but when it’s a smaller wedding, everything feels even more intimate. 

After the ceremony, we went to Lisa’s family farm to get photos of the bride and the couple with their horse. It was a glorious day to be outdoors, and since we were surrounded by lush greenery, the photos turned out to be so naturally vibrant. The reception was also a close-knit affair, but even with a short guest list, there was no shortage of love and support for the newlyweds. There were speeches, toasts, and plenty of laughter filling up the room.

Choose Fuller Photography to Document Your Special Moments

Lisa and Vince, you are truly one of a kind couple! Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer at your Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Wedding. I was extremely impressed and inspired by the way you planned your wedding. I hope you both continue to pave your own way and enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling life together. 

If you are planning your special day and are looking for a photographer, you can contact me, and we can do something amazing together. To see more of my work, you can take a look at my Facebook and Instagram.

bride being zipped up before her ceremony at her sugarhouse elk forge wedding fuller photography
sugarhouse elk forge wedding fuller photography
bride getting ready with her bridesmaids at her sugarhouse elk forge wedding
bride posing in the library at her sugarhouse elk forge wedding fuller photography
Bride holding her dogs collar who's also the ring bearer
bride and bridesmaids posing on the couch at sugarhouse elk forge
Grooms mom smiling at her son as he awaits his future bride
bride being walked down the aisle by her father
outdoor ceremony at sugarhouse elk forge wedding in Maryland
bride and groom at their outdoor ceremony sugarhouse elk forge wedding fuller photography
Their dog bringing the rings at their outdoor ceremony
bride posing with her horse at her Maryland Wedding
groom holding the bride in a field in Maryland
Grooms brother giving a speech at their Sugarhouse at Elk Forge Wedding
Bride and groom posing under the tree

Venue: The Sugarhouse at Elk Forge 

Hair: Mark IV Hair 

Bake: Cannons Custom Cakes 

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