Scranton Wedding Photographer

When I first met Matt and Jamie it was all smiles and laughs and it all carried over to their wedding day. They were truly genuine and kind and loved each other so deeply that you couldn’t help but notice. They invited me up to Scranton Pennsylvania to capture their wedding day and it was a beautiful day all around. I usually don’t like to work on my birthday but for these two I would do it every year no questions asked. Their wedding Ceremony was at St Anthony of Padua in Dumore Pennsylvania. The reception was at Al Mia Amore in Dickson City PA. Here are a few of my favorites from their Scranton Pennsylvania wedding. Don’t forget to leave Jamie + Matt a message below!

Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-1 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-2 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-4 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-5 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-6 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-8 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-10 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-11 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-12 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-13 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-14 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-15 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-16 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-17 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-20 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-21 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-22 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-23 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-24 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-25 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-27 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-29 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-30 Scranton Wedding Photographer Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-33 Scranton Wedding Photographer Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-34 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-35 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-36 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-37 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-38 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-40 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-41 Scranton_Wedding_Photographer-42

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