Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts

You’ve got the squad all picked out. You’ve heard of other weddings where the wedding party gets gifts, so now you’re stressing. It can be hard coming up with Groomsmen gift ideas. Fear not my friends, we’re here to help. Each groomsman is someone special to you. You can try to select gifts that are special to each individual groomsman. You want to find that perfect present that brings a smile or a huge laugh. This article’s job is to get your brain thinking! 

Throughout the hundreds of wedding days that we have photographed in the Philadelphia area, we have come across some truly amazing items that the groom has given to each groomsman at those weddings. Your fiance has their half of the wedding party and then there’s your half of the wedding party, your main crew. So let’s get them a gift that they’re going to love! Try to find that one cool groomsmen gift that will make your wedding day stand out from all the other weddings! There are a lot of traditional groomsmen gifts out there like the tie, the cufflinks that come in the groomsmen gift box. We want each Groomsman to really enjoy their gift so here are our Top 5 Groomsmen Gifts! 

Groomsman gift leather bag engraved with groomsmen initials

Custom Leather Bags

First up on the groomsmen gifts is simple, yet really was classy when we saw it. A nice leather bag with their names or initials engraved on the bag. The guys really enjoyed the bags. You can gift it to them at the rehearsal dinner and they have a great new bag to lug their stuff around on the wedding day! Its one of those gifts that will be used for a very long time.

Personalized Sports Jerseys

 This is a great choice because you can get each groomsman the team that they love! You can get their name printed to really personalize it. In addition, this is the perfect item for the sports lovers out there! They can wear it for their intros into the reception or if they want for some fun groomsmen photos.

Grooms gave the groomsmen jersey as a gift

Thor's Hammer aka Mjölnir for the nerds out there.

One groom was a little handy in the woodshop and crafted each groomsmen a Thor hammer. At the top of the hammer was a built-in bottle opener because why not?! The side had a small plaque engraved with the groomsman’s name. Who doesn’t want to crack open a beer with Thor’s hammer?!

Similarly, if you check out you’ll quickly see there are a beautiful variety and sizes of hammers out there if you’re not the handiest person. Your friends are worthy to wield this beer opener!

Flasks..but with a twist!

Not just engraved but laser etched with a caricature of each groomsman. Fun or funny photo customized to their specific personality. Play with it and really pull out the personalities or traits of each person. Have fun with it! Weddings are supposed to be fun, might as well start here. You can set it up with a nice gift box or pair it with a watch and it could be one of the greatest groomsmen gift ideas ever, right?!


Okay, hear me out. Each groomsman is different so why not get each groomsman a personalized bobblehead of themselves! Trust me when I say this, it’s the thing they’re going to keep for a lifetime! I’ve seen it done and the quality was fantastic. They’re a lot of fun to incorporate into your wedding party photos, too! It’s super simple to create, you just need a few photographs and that’s it! They can be themed to go with the personality of each groomsman. A quick google search and you can find places like and

Questions you may have:

Must you give a groomsmen gift?
Absolutely not. It’s your day and you can do whatever you want. There’s no rule saying you have to do anything on your day. Also why are you talking in Old English?!
Does the Best Man get a different gift?
Definitely not required. A lot of times it’s a simple change to the gift. For instance, the hammer could have a gold plaque vs silver for the rest of the crew. Just a small gesture to point out the best man.
When should you give them their gifts?
It really depends on what you’re going to give them. If it’s something that you want to use on your big day then the morning of during the prep time is usually when it happens. If it’s something larger that would be a logistical nightmare to transport around on the wedding day there’s nothing wrong with giving it to them earlier like the rehearsal dinner.

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