10 Tips for Using Sparklers On Your Wedding Day

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10 Tips For Using Sparklers on Your Wedding Day

Over the years, sparkler exits have become a popular way for couples to exit their reception venue. It’s not only the couples and the guests who love this idea, most wedding photographers are fans of it too, and I am definitely one of them! The newlyweds making their way out of the reception venue is one of the key moments of the day and a part of every wedding photographer’s shot list. The sparklers, which make for great props, are also a brilliant way to light up a setting that could otherwise be too dark for photos. There are various ways in which you can incorporate sparklers into your wedding and wedding photos. If you are already feeling inspired and planning to use sparklers for your wedding, then read on to get some pro tips on which ones to get and how to use them.

10 Tips to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding

The first five tips in the list will help you choose the ideal sparklers for you, and the last five suggest where and when you can use them. We referred to Sparklers Online, our friends and experts in the wedding sparklers industry, to bring you the best and factually correct information.

1. Size

According to Sparklers Online, one of the most important things while choosing wedding sparklers is their size. Traditional sparklers are 8 to 10 inches long, while wedding sparklers are often 20 or 36 inches long. The longer length means a longer burn time. A regular sparkler fizzles out in about 20 seconds, whereas, a wedding sparkler can last for about two to four minutes, giving the photographer more time to take photos.

2. Color

Another point worth considering is the color of your sparklers. You may want to go for the gold ones since they are easier to find and quite popular too. Gold sparkler stems are a safe choice as they also complement the bright golden hues emanating from the glittering sticks. You can also find sparklers in red, green, and blue, but I’d recommend that you keep in mind the ambiance and color schemes you are using in your wedding while choosing the color. The photographs will look even better if the sparklers complement those colors.

3. Shape

On your wedding day, you can try the heart-shaped wedding sparklers instead of the traditional straight-stalked ones to add a splash of romance to your day. These are a great way to add something unique to your wedding photos too. Heart-shaped wedding sparklers burn for around two minutes so we can create a few fun photos in that time! Bring a few of them and we can go wild! 

4. Packaging

Packaging of your wedding sparklers might not always be an issue, but if you plan to give them as a gift to your guests, you may want to keep in mind the visual aesthetics of the packaging. Ideally, it should complement the colors you have decided on for your wedding. 

5. Smoke Emissions

You don’t want your guests to get uncomfortable by the smoke emissions from your wedding sparklers, so pick the ones with little or no smoke. According to Sparklers Online, wedding sparklers and regular sparklers have different chemical compositions, so you can avoid buying wood sparklers and instead opt for the steel wire sparklers for minimal smoke. Also consider the location of your exit, sometimes the smoke can get back in to the venue and trip the fire alarm… yup that’s happened. 

top 10 sparklers use weddings fuller photography

6. Sparkler Exits

The 20 or 36-inch wedding send-off sparklers would be the best option for your grand exit. Since they will burn for a longer time, you can walk down the “tunnel” as your guests line up on both sides and then share a kiss as you reach the end of it. Illuminating your photos, the wedding sparklers will end up being more than just props at your wedding. It’s a special way to end the wedding day! I love how the sparklers light the smiling faces of your friends and family during the exit. 

7. Sparkler Ceremony

Instead of keeping the sparklers for the end, you can also add a twist to your wedding by making them a part of your ceremony. Think sparkler girls instead of the traditional flower girls. The sparkler girls, bridesmaids, and groomsmen can each hold a sparkler as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life. 

8. Bridal Party Pics

Your bridal party deserves some amazing photos of their own! You can add sparklers to the pictures you take with your whole gang!. Photos with the bridal party are always fun! And adding these sparklers will add that extra vibrance to them. 

9. Wedding Videos

The experts at Sparklers Online suggest that if you want to see your sparkling wedding additions in action, you can get their magnificence captured on video. This way, you’d be able to witness and experience those magic moments they created even after the wedding. 

10. Decorations

Yes! You can use sparklers as decorations, too! Bundle them up and tie them with ribbons. You can put them in vases or use them as centerpieces. Make sure you provide cards with instructions on how and when to use the sparklers. Now that you are armed with pro tips on choosing and using sparklers for your wedding, make a list of your requirements and go shopping! To see how your sparkler images can turn out, check out the photos below! If you need any guidance on posing or creating patterns with your sparklers or any other tips, you can contact me. Besides weddings, I also do engagement sessions. So if that’s on your agenda right now, you can connect with me for that, too. To see more of my work, you can take a look at my Facebook and Instagram pages. Till then, happy planning!

top 10 sparklers use weddings fuller photography
top 10 sparklers use weddings fuller photography

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