5 Pennsylvania LGBT Wedding Traditions With A Twist

Pennsylvania LGBT Weddings are truly beautiful affairs. Brimming with love and joy, these celebrations are some of our favorite to capture. They also give couples a chance to put a more personal twist on wedding traditions, keeping some favorites, modifying others, and eschewing some entirely. Here are some to consider when planning your wedding. 

Two brides and their wedding party at Anthony Wayne House in Paoli
LGBT wedding with both brides wearing beautiful dresses

The Wedding Party

You don’t need to label your closest friends and family. Instead of bridesmaids or groomsmen, simply have a wedding party filled with the ones you love, regardless of gender. 

Two brides with the wedding party wearing both dresses and tuxes
Philadelphia LGBT wedding where bride is being walked down the aisle by both parents

Walking Down the Aisle

Throw out the rules on this one and truly make it your own. You can both walk down the aisle separately, with one parent, both parents, a close friend or relative, or you can walk down the aisle together in a show of unity. If neither of you wants to make that journey at all, enter from the front or side and skip the pomp and circumstance. Wedding circles, rather than the traditional aisle, are also becoming popular and offer another great option. Either way, do what feels right for you.
Both brides wearing beautiful dresses during their outdoor ceremony

The Vows

Traditional vows are often gender specific, so write your own or work with your officiant to create ones that are meaningful to you as individuals, as well as a couple.

LGBT Pennsylvania wedding and wedding party is mixing up their attire
Bride getting help with her dress at her Pennsylvania wedding

The Dress Code

There’s no right way to dress for your Pennsylvania LGBT wedding—you can both wear gowns, tuxes, suits, a combination or something else entirely. Discuss in advance if you want to coordinate or if you’d rather be surprised on the big day.

LGBT wedding where the grandfather is giving a funny speech as the brides laugh together
One bridesmaid giving an emotional speech at a LGBT wedding

The Toasts

Many weddings have a set of traditional toasts given by the best man and maid of honor, with a parent (often a father), giving another toast. Like with your wedding party, throw out gendered roles and ask the most important people in your life to offer a few words. They can even take place during a cocktail hour if the traditional sit-down format doesn’t feel right. Many couples are also opting to give their own toasts, too.
LGBT wedding with two brides in a beautifully emotional embrace

Celebrate Your Amazingness

Whatever your celebration looks like, make sure it represents who you are as a couple, from start to finish. And most importantly, work with LGBT friendly vendors who will go above and beyond to make your day perfect.

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