Pennsylvania Engagement Photo Guide

Engagement photos are a great way to capture a chapter in your journey together, get to know your photographer, decorate your house and help reduce some wedding day jitters. Here’s a little guide to get the most out of your engagement session. 

Should you do engagement photos in Pennsylvania?

If you want some amazing photos of you both to hang on the walls this is a great time to do it. It’s nice to document key milestones in your lives and this is a big one. There are only a handful of huge milestones in life so documenting this one with beautiful photos can be a lot of fun. It helps you get to know your photographer and possibly get comfortable in front of the camera if you think you’ll be nervous. We have a laidback and fun approach to photos where it’s definitely not required to feel comfortable on your wedding day but if you think it’ll help reduce your wedding day nerves it couldn’t hurt.

When should you schedule your engagement photos?

You can do your engagement photos whenever you’re ready. We’ve done them two years before a wedding and we’ve also done them a month before.

If you plan on using your engagement photos for a Save-the-date card there’s a general guideline to use to help plan your engagement session date. If you have a lot of people traveling for your wedding send your save the date cards out 9 months before the wedding. If there’s not much traveling 6 months is okay. 

Where should you do your engagement photos?

The options are almost endless. Being a wedding photographer in the Pennsylvania – Delaware area has given us an opportunity to visit a lot of amazing places. We always recommend picking a place that means a lot to you both or speaks to who you are as couple. Make it an adventure session instead of an engagement session! We’ve done photos at a library, a brewery, theaters and there’s always a park that can be fun. If there’s a place that means a lot to you both we can try to incorporate it. Here are a few ideas in the Philadelphia and Wilmington area to help guide you.  

Ridley Creek State Park

The Mansion area is beautiful with different textures and features such as this fountain garden area. 

Marsh Creek

It’s like bringing the beach to Chester County. Marsh Creek gets amazing sunsets so think about that when you’re picking your location and time. We can help you pick, too!

Okehocken Preserve

Oke…hock..what?! Yea, it’s a neat little hidden gem right off of Route 3 near West Chester that has a lot of fun options. 

Restaurant or Brewery

First date location or favorite place to hang out. Why not! Reach out to see if you can get photos there right before they open. 

The Beach

Because, well.. it’s the beach! I may bring my swim suit and may a day of it. 

Your Gym

Okay, it doesn’t have to be your gym, but you get the idea! Something you both love to do. If it’s the gym then I’m all for it!


This place is riddled with spots to shoot. Just be careful, some places require a permit. We can help narrow down your search!

Valley Garden Park

This little hidden gem in Delaware just over the PA line has so many cool features. 

Longwood Gardens

Because you couldn’t figure out if you wanted a tree house, garden, water fountain or trails you decide to do them all here at Longwood!

What Time Of Day Is Best?

For a good variety I like to suggest around 2 hours before sunset. Do whatever works best for your schedules, though. If you find it’s difficult to get the golden hour with your schedules don’t stress! We’re ready for all situations. From bright sunny days at noon in the summer to sunsets to indoors in a dark restaurant. 

What To Wear Or Bring

It’s definitely okay to bring an outfit change. As you can see in the photos next door you can get a completely different look. 

Ready to have some fun and create amazing engagement photos together?!

We do book up a few months in advance so don’t wait till the last minute!

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