Wedding Reception at Deerfield Golf Club | Becca + Tyler

Becca and Tyler have been a couple for over five years and they have travelled all over the globe together but today was an amazing new chapter that I was lucky enough to capture. Their Wedding Reception at Deerfield Golf Club in Newark Delaware was pretty epic. Complete with dance offs. Someone even danced right out of his shirt! But before we get to that amazing party here’s a few things you may not have known about them: If you want to see Tyler stress out, ask him to squat down after a leg day at the gym! It’s pretty comical to watch. Becca has a “beagle mutt” that is her best friend… after Tyler.. I think! The little furry guy came along for the engagement session so I was able to meet him. He was wearing the coolest sign with their wedding date. 7 is Becca’s lucky number so it was only fitting that they get married on April 7th, but they clearly don’t need luck which you can tell if you hang out with them for a brief time.

Their wedding ceremony was at St Anthony’s in Wilmington Delaware. St. Anthony’s has an amazing history in Becca’s family. Her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles have all been married there! During Becca’s prep her grandmother showed us her wedding album (image below). It was a really cool moment as she showed us her wedding pictures while standing in front of her granddaughters wedding dress. This is one of the many reasons why I love my job!

As Becca got out of the limo at the church her dad was able to see his absolutely beautiful daughter all dressed up for the first time. His amazing smile turned in to pure emotion. I imagine when my daughter gets married I’m going to be a babbling mess! The inside of St Anthony’s church is stunning, if you haven’t visited the church you really should. It’s a perfect spot for wedding ceremonies. After their ceremony, which may have been the quickest church ceremony ever, we did a few portraits and packed up our stuff and headed to their Wedding Reception at Deerfield Golf Club.

After the portraits we all done and the intros were made Becca and Tyler danced to My Best Friend by Tim McGraw. It was a song they listened to a month or so in to their relationship and they always felt like it was there song so why not dance to it while surrounded by all of the people they love and care about inside a gorgeous Ballroom during their wedding, right? Their awesome DJ, Fred, from VIP DJ Entertainment turned the knob up to 11 and the party kicked off like a firework. It was pretty obvious that everyone inside of this ballroom at Deerfield Golf Club came to dance the night away! No one held back and it was fantastic. I wish we could share all of them but here are just a few of our favorite images from Becca and Tylers wedding. Don’t forget to leave them a message below! If you want chat with us about your wedding day Contact Us here.

Florist: Ron Eastburn
DJ: VIP DJ Entertainment
Baker: Desserts By Dana
Venue: Deerfield Golf Club
Ceremony: St Anthonys Church

Groom buttoning his shirt before his Deerfield Country Club Wedding

details of the groom getting ready for his wedding day along with his groomsmen gifts

Portrait of the groom before heading out to the Deerfield Country Club

Bride and the bridesmaids sitting on a couch in matching robes before the wedding ceremony at St Padua Church in Wilmington Delaware

Bride's grandmother looking at her wedding pictures before the St Padua Ceremony

Bride getting ready before her ceremony at St Padua in Wilmington Delaware

Bridesmaids helping the bride get ready by buttoning up her dress

The brides mother smiling at her beautiful daughter before their Deerfield County Club wedding

Bridal portraits including jewelry and wedding dress details

Bride and her bridesmaids in red dresses in a portrait outside in the Spring

Portrait of the bride lying on the couch with her dress draping across the floor

The Brides father seeing the bride for the first time outside of St Anthonys Church in Wilmington Delaware

The Brides father overcome with emotion outside of St Anthonys Church in Wilmington Delaware

The Brides and father about to walk down the isle at St Anthonys Church in Wilmington Delaware

The bride's father waking her down the isle at St Anthony's church

wide angle portrait of the church ceremony at St Anthonys in Wilmington Delaware

Bride and groom smiling at each other as they walk down the isle after becoming husband and wife

The bride showing off her ring to her bridesmaid after getting married

Groom hugging the bride during their wedding portraits inside of St Anthonys Church in Wilmington Delaware

Wedding party portrait inside the ballroom at a Deerfield Country Club Wedding in Newark Delaware

Portrait of the bride and groom sitting on the ballroom floor as the sunset comes through he windows of the Deerfield Country Club Ballroom

Portrait of the bride and groom outside on the golf course of the Deerfield Country Club

Amazing wedding cake by Desserts by Dana and flowers inside the Ballroom at Deerfield Country Club

Groom and bride dancing and laughing as they enter the ballroom of the Deerfield Country Club

The maid of honor smiling and looking at the bride and groom as she gives her speech

The bride dancing with her father on the ballroom floor of the Deerfield County Club

The groom dancing with his mother on the ballroom floor of the Deerfield Country Club

The groom laughing and kneeling as he's about to take off the garter from his wife's leg

The bride and groom laughing as the groom takes off the garter from her leg on the ballroom floor in front of the wedding guests

Bridesmaid dancing and laughing

Brides mother and relative dancing and laughing during their wedding reception

Bride and groom's relatives having a great time time on the dance floor during the wedding reception at Deerfield Golf Club

The grooms friend joking with the photographer while posing with a beer and smiling on the ballroom dance floor during the reception.

The bride and groom kissing in front of an amazing sunset during their Wedding Reception at Deerfield Golf Club Golf

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